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Please GO HERE to vote!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Every member, please go and vote on the piece that YOU want to win!

1. NO vote-begging!
That means no asking for votes! No telling your watchers that you are in this contest! This contest is a pure test of how well you can appeal to people using only your artistic skill.
2. Look through ALL the entries before voting! That way it's fair.
3. Vote based on skill, quality and effort! This is not a popularity contest.


Magic of Autumn by PopokinoThe Pigeon and the Rat by OperiaAll Must Fear the Shadows by TheSaure55Fall by Dazed--Flame#018: Tribal Pidgeot by blackbutterfly006Poke-mafia by HyperVonNurse Joy by realist-nEspeon by 0TheNobody0Giratina by hollowzero

Main event journal: qualitypokefanart.deviantart.c…

If you didn't get an entry in this time and would like to participate, we'll have more Deviations of the Month in the future, so don't worry. :D
We had ten entries in total, just small enough of a number for me to use deviantART's poll system. Next time, if we have more than ten, I'll use a polling site.

Now, go and VOTE!
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December 2, 2012


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